It can go that fast: Shaun Escayg was one of the most important people at Crystal Dynamics for three years, now the writer and creative director behind the solo campaign for the ambitious Marvel flop has announced his return to the old employer Naughty Dog. Escayg was one of 15 seasoned gaming industry veterans who joined the Crystal Dynamics studio in January 2018 to jointly create a Marvel game that would captivate fans for years to come – which, as we now know, didn’t really worked well.

Whether there was simply no more work for him on Marvel’s Avengers or whether it was the incentive for a new, exciting project under the Naughty Dog umbrella that prompted Escayg to switch again is not known at the moment. Only that he’s happy to be back with Naughty Dog. Who wants to blame him for that, Naughty Dog is and will remain one of the largest and most renowned game developers in the world – and not just since The Last of Us Part 2 (our test of the Sony masterpiece).

What is clear, however, is that Escayg made the decisions of her own accord to leave Crystal Dynamics. The solo campaign was certainly far from the qualities of other superhero hits like Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Studios or the Arkham series from Rocksteady, yet the story and the loving staging of the campaign (our test) around Kamala Khan and the torn Avengers quite succeeded. Escayg also confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers are in “good hands” with the current team.

Escayg, who previously worked under Naughty Dog for seven years, is best known for his position as creative director and writer of the standalone adventure Uncharted: The Lost Legacy known, but he was also involved in The Last of Us and in various film projects such as “Scott Pilgrim against the rest of the world” and “Transfomers 3: The dark side of the moon”. Escayg will now “help the celebrated studio with new exciting projects”.

There have been the last few weeks some rumors about possible PS5 gamesthat may be under development at Naughty Dog. Among other things, you stumble across an alleged remake of the 2013 release The Last of Us. The shooting of the ambitious HBO series should start as early as July, so the time for an elaborate remake would actually make sense. A little more likely would be the alleged new Uncharted game, which was unleashed as a rumor on the world in the same breath. With his work on The Lost Legacy, it would be only logical to include the American game developer for the project. As soon as more detailed information is available, you will find out from us.

Those: Gamasutra

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