The first tests for Marvel's Avengers are online. Just in time for today's release, you can get an idea of ​​the quality of the superhero action. In our overview below we have a selection of the first tests ready. The website served as the basis Metacriticwhich collects reviews from international magazines. The average rating of the PS4 version is currently 76 percent. However, this is only partially meaningful, as the rating has so far only been based on five reviews. In the next few days, many more tests on Marvel's Avengers are likely to follow – and the average rating will change again.

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The Worth Playing portal, for example, awards 85 percent in its test of the PS4 version. Anyone who has always wanted to play a game that resembles a Marvel film is well served with Marvel's Avengers. The website still leaves open whether Marvel's Avengers is permanently entertaining. Nevertheless, it is the best Marvel game that has been developed so far. Shacknews, on the other hand, praised a well-written, dramatic campaign in its test. The fights are as fun as they are satisfying. The online mode is also entertaining, but Crystal Dynamics still needs to improve here – for example with the matchmaking system. (buy now )

In its test, came to a rating trend of 70 to 75 percent – the magazine has not yet given a final rating. "The superhero troupe doesn't come close to the quality of Marvel's Spider-Man, but I had a lot of fun with the characters and their story," says the conclusion of the test. The Marvel's Avengers campaign is much better than expected. Points are deducted for technical defects that often disturb the atmosphere. You can find more impressions below. You will soon be able to read our review of Marvel's Avengers on our website.

Marvel's Avengers: Superhero Action Test Overview

Worth playing – 85
If all you want is to play through the video game equivalent of a Marvel movie, then it does an excellent job. If you're hoping for something you can play for infinite hours with constant updates, the truth is that it's too early to tell. What we played was fun for a few hours of co-op, but I have my doubts about its long-term viability. It's by far the best Avengers game ever made, and with the exception of Hulk (whose Hulk: Ultimate Destruction remains the pinnacle of Hulk gameplay), it features the best video game version of the superheroes to date.

Shacknews – 80
Marvel's Avengers impresses with a well-written, dramatic campaign. From a gameplay standpoint, the combat is as fun and satisfying as one could hope for in a title based on the superhero team. Though the online live service aspect is bogged down by overly complicated menus, systems, and matchmaking woes, there's still a fun experience underneath. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix deliver a perfectly adequate adaptation of an iconic property with Marvel's Avengers.

Gamers Heroes – 80
The future of Marvel's Avengers' ongoing success will be completely dependent on the quality and regularity of content. However, as a game available today, it's a solid entry into the loot and shoot RPG space. The single player story is worth the price of admission alone, leaving the fun but dated approach to multiplayer a welcome addition for fans of the looter style approach.

Trusted Reviews – 70
Marvel's Avengers has proven to be a pleasant surprise, even if its live service identity arguably hinders the true potential of its world, story and characters. Engaging combat and rewarding progression have established a solid foundation for Crystal Dynamics to build upon with new heroes and scenarios in the months and years to come.

Jeuxvideo – 65
As a whole, the game is interesting, thanks to a (too?) Complete customization system and complementary superheroes. On the other hand, the player often finds himself confronted with awkward choices and great redundancy synonymous with repetitive missions … Although Crystal Dynamics has, unlike BioWare with Anthem, avoided the trap of unbalanced loot, the game remains, as it is, simply attractive if not essential.

Gamepro – Trend: 70-75
I have to admit, I enjoyed the Marvel's Avengers campaign a lot more than I expected. The beta didn't really do justice to the story part of the game. The superhero troupe doesn't come close to the quality of Marvel's Spider-Man, but I had a lot of fun with the characters and their story.

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