After Marvel’s Avengers was added to Xbox Game Pass last week, the creators have now brought another novelty to the superhero game. On the in-game marketplace, you can now buy consumables with credits, with which you either get more experience points or resources to briefly accelerate your game progress. Credits can only be bought with real money.

Marvel’s Avengers fans have im Reddit Forum of the game already announced their disappointment with the decision of the developer. Partly because Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics promised prior to the title’s launch that Pay-2-Win mechanics would not appear in the game. Instead, they wanted to limit microtransactions exclusively to new outfits for the superheroes. Almost a year after the release, there are still XP boosts in Marvel’s Avengers.

It was only in March that the development team introduced a revision of the XP system with an update. This significantly increased the time it takes to bring a hero to the maximum level. A month ago, the creators also took a look at the Marvel’s Avengers roadmap (buy now € 36.99) given. Accordingly, players can look forward to the first raid of the title this year. If you play on a PS5 or PS4, there will also be Spider-Man as a new superhero in 2021. So there will be no more Avengers on the other platforms until 2022 at the earliest. Most recently, the Wakanda DLC with Black Panther and a new game world was added to the game.

Marvel’s Avengers: Story Trailer for the Launch of the Black Panther Expansion

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