Mass Effect: Dealer lists Remastered Edition

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Is the revised Mass Effect trilogy coming or not? A Portuguese dealer briefly listed Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on its website. Another indication that we can look forward to a new edition of the story about Shepard and the Reaper.

After the disastrous Mass Effect: Andromeda for many fans, the developer Bioware still has a lot to do well with the players. There has been frequent speculation about a remastered edition of the Mass Effect trilogy. Now there are increasing indications that we will soon be able to enjoy a revised version of the breathtaking and ultimately much discussed story about Commander Shepard, who (or who) the galaxy in the third-person shooter with RPG elements before it was destroyed wants to preserve the semi-synthetic reaper. Due to the listing, it can be assumed that we will not have to wait long to finally get back into Normandy, to begin one or the other love affair with our crew members and to explore the galaxy.

Unfortunately, only the console versions have been listed so far. The PS4 and Xbox One version should cost 59.99 euros, the game for the Nintendo Switch should be 10 euros cheaper. The cover is the same as on the Xbox 360 Mass Effect (buy now /€ 11.99 ) Trilogy, however, it might just be a temporary fix. The listing does not provide any information on a possible PC implementation. In the meantime, the games have disappeared from the retailer site.

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When EA and Bioware will finally announce the Remastered Edition is purely speculative. It is currently believed that the game will be announced in early October and will be released in the same month. It remains unclear whether the Remastered Edition of the Mass Effect trilogy will really come.

Source: Gamesradar

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