With the Games Aktuell Podcast 651 we welcome you again this week to our video game talk. This week Matthias invited Michael and trainee Stefan to the sound booth. As the first big topic of the week, Matthias enthusiastically reports about the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. He was able to watch the remaster at a presentation and chat with the developers in an interview. Then the podcast is dedicated to two interesting news items of the week. On the one hand, the end of Google Stadia's First Party Studios and whether this means the beginning of the end of the streaming service. It is also about the takeover of Gearbox Software and Aspyr by Embracer, the parent company of THQ Nordic. As always, the whole thing is rounded off with your community contributions.

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Topics of GA podcast episode 651:

00:00:00 – intro and on my own behalf
00:04:30 – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
00:37:30 – Google Stadia finished?
00:51:27 – THQ Nordic / Embracer buys Gearbox and Aspyr
01:03:22 – Community posts

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Games Aktuell Podcast 568: Andy, Lukas, Chris, Max (Source: Games Aktuell)

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