For a long time it was demanded by fans, this year the time has finally come. The Mass Effect trilogy around Commander Shepard is getting a graphically polished new edition. The developers announced the so-called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition last autumn on the prestigious N7 Day (November 7th). At that time, the team also released a short teaser trailer, according to which the remaster should appear in spring 2021. In theory, this would correspond to a period from April to June. But maybe we don't have to wait that long anymore.

Is the Mass Effect trilogy coming in March?

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition recently appeared on retailers' websites with a specific release date. The Twitter user IdleSloth84 reports on entries at the Singaporean retailer Shopitree and the Indonesian retailer GSShop, which each state March 12, 2021 as the release date. That would be in eight weeks, technically still in winter and therefore much earlier than expected. The two entries have since been removed and an official statement from Bioware or Electronic Arts has not yet been issued.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (buy now ) will contain all single player content from the entire trilogy including all DLCs. So far it is not known whether the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 is there again. If not, we can be curious to see how the developers rework the system of galactic readiness, which at the time dovetailed single and multiplayer modes and had an impact on the end of the game. So far, the developers have not shown any gameplay of the revised versions of the games either. So nothing can be said about the level of detail of the improvements in the remaster. The makers only promise an optimization of the graphic display for 4k Ultra HD. The game is to be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – release already in winter? (1) (Source: Nexus Mods)

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