Almost there! The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released in a few weeks. Sci-Fi fans will then have the opportunity to experience the complete trilogy about Commander Shepard and his fight against the Reaper in a new 4K guise. The new edition was not only spruced up graphically, Bioware also lent a hand again in terms of content and revamped the Action RPG series. Now Mac Walters, the Project Director of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, has announced another innovation via Twitter: The Remaster Package will also have a photo mode contain. First screenshots were published on the official channel:

A little later, Brenon Holmes, Technical Design Director at Bioware, also spoke up. According to him, the photo mode will be in available for all three games be. The mode will activated via the pause menu, which means you can use it in any gameplay scene, but not in cutscenes.

What does the Legendary Edition improve?

For the new edition of the celebrated Shepard trilogy, all three games have been graphically revised, the greatest effort has gone into the outdated first part. The games now support resolutions up to 4K, all textures have been replaced by sharper variants, there are new lighting and improved effects, and the character editor has been redesigned to ensure a more uniform appearance for Shepard through all three games. A first overview of the optical improvements can be found in the graphics trailer and here in this message, in which we have also linked some graphics comparisons for you.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: Trailer with graphic comparison

But the gameplay has also been improved a bit, here too the developers focused on the first part. The weapon behavior has been revised to make the fights more action-packed, AI companions can now be commanded individually, and the menus have been redesigned. Connoisseurs of the first Mass Effect should also welcome the changes to the infamous Mako: The Legendary Edition should control the vehicle with a lot more grip.

We have put together an overview of the most important gameplay adjustments in this article.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition [Quelle: Bioware]

Scope, price and deadline

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (buy now 69,99 € /53,99 € ) contains the three complete games of the Shepard trilogy in a revised form. With one exception, all DLCs are included, but the multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3 has been removed. Mass Effect: Andromeda is also not included. The price of the PS4 – and Xbox-One -Sockets is around 70 euros, the PC version (Steam and Origin) costs ten euros less. The release date for the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is May 14, 2021.

PC player: Are you looking for more information about the hardware requirements of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition? You will find it here.



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