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A remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy may be announced soon. That at least suggests a tweet from editor Liana Ruppert, who promised such a presentation for the next month. She is considered a huge fan of the Mass Effect series.

In the past weeks and months there have been rumors and speculations about a possible remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Recently, the information about a possible release date for the revised RPG episodes even emerged from a British dealer. There is now even another hint. It comes from Liana Ruppert, who is known, among other things, as editor-in-chief of Prima Games magazine. She recently spoke up on Twitter with the following message:

"The next month is going to be a really good month for a very specific game announcement. Let's shout and cheer together, my friends … but not right away."

The tweet itself does not contain any specific details or precise references to the game, the announcement of which is supposedly imminent – in September this year. However, if you know Liana Ruppert a little better, you will quickly become prudish. She has been a huge fan of the RPG series Mass Effect for many years. So what could put you in a frenzy of joy than the announcement of a new episode or the remastered version of an already published Mass Effect adventure?

Since both the publisher Electronic Arts and the developer studio Bioware continue to remain silent on this topic, you should be careful with the whole thing. As soon as there are tangible details, you will of course find them immediately in our news section.

Source: Twitter

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