from Sebastian Glanzer
The upcoming update will use WoW players to bring some characters to level 60. So that you can master the most difficult missions at the command desk directly with these characters, we show you a trick with which you can bring your squads directly to level 60.

Patch 9.1.5 of WoW Shadowlands offers many simplifications and catch-up mechanics for twinks. Many players will probably use this to make their second characters fit for the magician tower. This gives us the opportunity to draw your attention to a very helpful trick with which you can directly get level 60 recruits for your command table with newly upgraded level 60 characters and thus master all difficult missions directly. That’s how it works:

You do not activate any of the soul bond NPCs with your new character, nor do you recruit any other followers at level 60. First play up to fame level 75, around three Wisps of memory to unlock. Only then do you activate a Soul bond NPC and levels him with Wisps of memory straight to level 60 (or almost level 60). Now all of your troops are level 60 and you can easily master all missions. The strongest recruits currently have the night fae, in case you don’t care about the pact for your twink

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The mechanics behind it
Your squads are always at the average level of all your companions put together. However, the level of the squads is no longer reduced afterwards if, for example, you hire a level 1 companion from Torghast.

You take advantage of this directly and only hire one companion, to whose level your squads can orientate themselves and thus stay at high levels if you – after you have brought a single companion to level 60 (or just before) – hire new followers .

This trick saves you a lot of time and you can directly complete missions that bring you veiled runes, pets, mounts and other goodies. In our short tip on Tip for joining adventurers for the mission table, we show you how to increase the levels of your missions and what the mechanics behind the adventure campaign progression missions are.

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