MCU: Transgender superhero announced – game updates

of Andreas Bertits
With a new Marvel movie a transgender superhero is to be introduced. Marvel's Kevin Feige explicitly advises all fans of the MCU.

Marvel's Kevin Feige wants all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe let them know that the first transsexual superhero will be on display soon.

A transgender superhero is coming

A transgender hero "will be seen very soon in a film we are making," Feige told audiences at the New York Film Academy. Marvel wants to push inclusion even further and take the next step. It is very important to the company to show diversity. Feige did not explain which film it was.

However, we already see an LGBT character in Marvel's The Eternals. This character is played by actor Brian Tyree Henry. His character Phastos is immortal, super strong, very fast and fights with a mighty war hammer. Phastos is gay.

He also wants to let everyone know that women are directing two of the three announced Marvel series. Marvel also wants to focus more on women as directors for the films. With these announcements, Feige wants to say that Marvel is very open about diversity and inclusion.

Source: CNN

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