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The developers of Niantic have finally brought the announced adjustments to the Mega Evolution system of Pokémon Go into play. Now, for example, by walking with certain Pokémon you can get not only candy, but also mega-energy! We have the details for you!

The mega-evolutions, with all the joy among the hardcore trainers of Pokémon Go, are not necessarily the most popular. Above all, the restrictive rules for maintaining mega-energies as well as the expensive mega-evolutions really get on the players' laces – and especially put off casual players who don't have much to do with raids. To unlock most of the mega-evolutions, from Mega-Bisaflor or Mega-Hundemon for example, you first have to play two to three mega-raids. These are challenges that you can only emerge victoriously with two or three other players, because they are often even more difficult than tier 5 raid bosses. And then you have to go back to the raids to collect enough mega-energies for the next mega-evolution.

That is why the developers of Pokémon Go had already announced in October that they would make further options available through which you can collect at least a little mega-energies. So far in the game, apart from the raids, there has already been certain event field research that has helped you. As of now, more mega-energy paths are implemented in Pokémon Go. For example, if you go for a walk with a Pokémon that has a mega-evolution itself or has one in its evolutionary line, then you will earn mega-energies in addition to the normal candy. The most recent adjustments are as follows:

  • You earn mega-energies if you go for a walk with a buddy whose evolution line contains a Pokémon and whose mega-evolution you have already triggered. Example: If Charmander, Glutexo or Charizard is your buddy and you have activated Mega Charizard X or Y before.
  • You earn additional candy if you have activated the Mega Evolution of a Pokémon and catch a Pokémon that belongs to the same type of Mega Evolution.
  • You earn additional candy if you defeat a raid boss while you have a mega evolution active.
  • In your friends list you can see which friends have currently activated a Mega Pokémon.

Pokémon (or Pokémon from the same family) whose first mega-evolution costs 200 mega-energy (Charizard, Bisaflor, Turtok, Gengar, Hundemon) earn you an average of 5 mega-energy for every kilometer run. It looks the same with Tauboss and Bibor, whose first mega-evolution costs 100 mega-energies and each subsequent mega-evolution costs 20 mega-energies.

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