Even if (almost) everyone has always wanted to play a game from the perspective of a cat, the game industry has not yet seriously responded to this call. So far: Stray is a cyberpunk cat adventure that not only looks terribly cute, but could turn out damn good too.

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A year ago you could already see it for the first time Stray throw, now the gameplay demo is here: In the cyberpunk cat adventure you play a cute cat that has to find its way through a futuristic and deserted city: food, water, a sofa to claw – all of this has to be found , after all, you’re a cat.

However, your story takes a turn as soon as you meet the little robot B-12, who will accompany and help you from now on. Between cute meow moments, an interesting story and really nice graphics: If Stray does what it shows in the gameplay trailer, you can be curious.

Take a look at the gameplay demo, dear cat people:

Stray is expected to appear on PS5, PS4 and PC in 2022 – If you haven’t caught a PS5 by then, that’s fine. Publisher Annapurna Interactive has been with us for a number of years and has released highly acclaimed games such as Journey, Outer Wilds and What Remains of Edith Finch, among others.

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In addition to the pure story and some puzzles, Stray will finally also offer combat gameplay, which seems to work perfectly with B-12. However, there is still a little time until the beginning of 2022, so that you will certainly get to see more trailers – and maybe also learn more about where the people actually stayed in the game. (Though cats and robots are of course enough!)