Last week, a tweet from the official Metal Gear Solid account on Twitter sparked some speculation among fans about a supposed announcement this week. A picture appeared on the internet at the weekend that might give us a glimpse of the new project. However, fans shouldn’t have any hopes for a video game from the stealth series.

The leak was namely the packaging of a board game from Metal Gear Solid. At the moment, however, it is not yet clear whether the project will ever go on sale in this form. According to an anonymous one Reddit users the board game is supposed to actually exist, but Konami decided against a publication shortly before the end.

It is still unclear whether the alleged announcement was actually intended for the board game. Fans will have to wait this week to get clarity. We will keep you up to date when there is new information about Metal Gear Solid. There have been rumors of a remake of the PS1 title from 1998 in the past.

The board game would have appeared in stores as Metal Gear Solid: Psycho Mantis Battle. Two players could have competed against each other here. According to the Reddit user, the game should continue to come – but without any connection with Metal Gear Solid. Incidentally, another board game for the Stealth series was only discontinued at the beginning of the year before the release.

via Dicebreaker

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