In the past few months there have been repeated rumors about Metal Gear Solid, but they have not produced anything to this day. Now there are new reports about publisher Konami and the license of the series. Accordingly, other studios should have the opportunity to acquire the license and develop a new game. A confirmation is pending.

The rumor about the licensing comes from ACG-Gaming, which in a Podcast talked about the subject. A little later, the insider wrote in Reddit Forum also through his confidential source, which has apparently been providing him with information for many years. Whether the license from Metal Gear Solid has anything to do with the rumors about the supposed game by Hideo Kojima and Microsoft was not clear from the podcast. In 2015, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was the last part of the Stealth series released under Hideo Kojima. Konami tried to revive the series with Metal Gear Survive, but this attempt failed.

Only last year, however, Konami made it clear that the series had not been forgotten. Several games have been released for the PC via GOG. In the past, fans have repeatedly asked for a remake of Metal Gear Solid from 1998. There were also regular rumors about a new edition for PS5. However, no announcement has been made here either. We will keep you up to date.

via WCCFtech

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