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According to current rumors, a remake of Metal Gear Solid is currently being worked on. The new edition of the original from 1999 is planned for PS5 and PC. There is also talk of porting parts 2 to 4 for PC in the rumor. Fans of the series have long wanted a corresponding project. Who is responsible for the remake was not clear from the information.

The release of Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation already back. To date, the classic by Hideo Kojima has only received one new edition in addition to numerous ports – and that was also released over 16 years ago for the Nintendo GameCube as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Now rumors have surfaced on the internet revolving around a full remake of the original.

The information comes from the supposedly reliable swell of the RedGaming Tech YouTube channel. Also in ResetERA forum a user commented on the comeback of Metal Gear Solid. Since this is unconfirmed information, you should of course be careful with the details. According to the current rumors, Metal Gear Solid will be released as a remake for PS5 and PC. The successors up to Part 4 are also on the way as ports – but so far only the PC has been mentioned as the platform. Which development team is working on the games was not revealed.

As before, Konami holds the rights to Metal Gear Solid. Although there were last rumors in May 2020 that Sony might be interested in taking over the IPs of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima himself denied these plans. Nevertheless, even before the last PlayStation Showcase, several rumors about a new Silent Hill from Sony Japan surfaced.

Age rating in Taiwan gives further indications of MGS comeback

Appropriate to the rumors were Metal gear, Metal Gear Solid and also Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in Taiwan with an age rating. The titles are currently only listed for the PC. These also seem to be all ports. The re-release of the games could therefore take place shortly.

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