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According to a recent interview with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, fans still have to be patient when it comes to filming Metal Gear Solid. Accordingly, the script is already finished, but the maker is still looking for a production studio that wants to make the film with him. The coronavirus pandemic has also upset the director's plans.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been working on a film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid for some time now. In an interview, the creator of Kong: Skull Island has given an update on the current status of production. However, fans of the Hideo Kojima series should not have any hopes of an early release. In an edition of Animal Talking Vogt-Roberts confirmed that the script was ready, but there was no studio to actually make the film.

"This is my baby. I worked on it for six years and tried (…) to get it as close as possible to Metal Gear and the version of Kojima-san. I will keep fighting every day. It's a difficult thing, anybody To make a movie in Hollywood, but to do something like Metal Gear … it's so complex, it makes it even more difficult, so I want to do it on a budget that you can do really crazy things with – where you have real metal Gear version can make "

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts has also revealed that his plans have also gotten off track by the current coronavirus pandemic. Several candidates for the lead role of Snake are said to already be floating in his head. The director did not reveal which actors were meant here. In March 2019 Oscar Isaac showed last interest in the role. However, we do not know whether discussions have already taken place. Fans have to be patient.

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