Method organizes its own 5v5 arena tournament

of Philipp Sattler
Method has long been much more than "just" a top guild in WoW. The guild around founder Scott "Sco" McMillan has become a global player in the field of esports in recent years. In addition to their own esport teams, Method also runs their own tournaments – for example, the Method Mayhem, which will award $ 10,000 in prize money next weekend.

At Blizzard it has become more and more quiet in the past, what Esport around WoW (buy now for € 19.99) As. Only the announcement that future events should be streamed exclusively on YouTube had been announced by Blizzard in the past few weeks. It is obvious that the community takes matters into its own hands. And that's exactly what Method is doing now. The top guild in WoW has long since become an esports company that recently won over thousands of viewers on Twitch with the Race to World First – even if the World First ultimately reached the American competition limit. With the Method Mayhem, Method is now organizing a 5v5 arena tournament in which a total of $ 10,000 in prize money will be drawn.

The tournament is divided into two. One for the US teams and one for the EU teams. The European tournament will take place next Friday and Saturday (February 14th and 15th) and will be broadcast entirely on Method's in-house Twitch channel. The individual players and teams can also stream on their own channels. The broadcast for the European games begins on both days at 6:00 p.m. German time – The American games take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 p.m. on the same channel.

All further information on registration and the procedure can be found on the two pages Method Mayhem Europe and Method Mayhem US,

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