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Metro 2033 is now ten years old, but that’s no reason to rush away now. The game is still one of the most intense, story-focused first person shooters you can experience – especially on Nintendo Switch, where Metro 2033 is now together with the Successor Last Light in the Redux package is available. The titles can also be downloaded individually, in which case around 25 euros are due.

However, we definitely recommend taking the package, because both shooters are well implemented and playfully successful, and it also comes cheaper.

All Metro games (there are three in total, but the last one so far only on PS4, Xbox and PC) are based on the novels by the Russian author Dmitri Gluchowski. You don't have to read the books to get into the adventure. Either way, you can tell the Metro games that they are based on a finely elaborated template, so the game world seems interesting and convincing. The fact that the atmosphere keeps our hair on top ten or seven years after the release is also due to the flawless implementation on Nintendo's hybrid console. 2033 and Last Light run smoothly and all look great. However, the picture is quite dark in portable mode. There are loading pauses between chapters, but these are still within an acceptable range.

Metro Redux: Announcement trailer for Nintendo Switch

The overloaded control, however, is not a pure switch problem, which was already a nuisance on PS3 and Co., even if it was modified and improved again for Redux. Inflating the air rifle, for example, is still almost an act of contortion. In any case, it is recommended to play with the Pro Controller, because aiming the nervous sticks at the Joy-Cons feels imprecise. Apart from these small shortcomings, Metro does Redux (buy now for 36.95 €) an incredibly good figure on the switch, which shouldn't surprise us after the equally great Witcher port, but it does. The resolution is 720p in handheld mode and the switch reaches 1080p in docked mode. And the frame rate purrs constantly at 30 fps – exemplary.

There is a picture of the devastation on the surface: mutants move through the canyons of ruins, and radioactive radiation also affects you.

There is a picture of the devastation on the surface: mutants move through the canyons of ruins;

Source: PC games

But now it's down to the metro and straight to the first stop on our journey, the story. In all games in the series, you are the hero Artjom, a 20-year-old resident of the Metro. The fact that the pitiful rest of humanity lives underground is due to an unspecified nuclear war that has devastated the earth. Apart from the destruction of the surface, the radiation has other fatal consequences: some areas are so irradiated that you can only visit them with protective equipment, and besides, it is teeming with nasty mutated monsters, even mysterious, human-like creatures roam the underground passages. But all of this is of little interest to Artjom, because like most Metro residents, he wants only one thing in the first place: to live on. However, the protagonist is given the task of finding a person in the largest metro station and is thus caught up in a whirlwind of rapid events.

Metro 2033 is linear, but we have the option to bring it to a good or bad end. Last Light, by the way, assumes the bad end, so decisions from the first part are not carried over into the sequel. Unlike in many modern shooters, 4A Games Story and Atmosphere give a lot of space, and with success. The world is not only decorated with the usual means such as scraps of conversation, diary entries and audio files, the level design also ensures that our environment appears exciting and convincing at the same time. There is no constant firing here, action-packed or creepy passages alternate with taking breaks in inhabited areas. The juxtaposition of deserted, irradiated catacombs, long-abandoned ruins and busy underground marketplaces with butchers, pubs and children who paint on corrugated iron hut walls creates a great deal of atmosphere and still works excellently today.

Thanks to shock moments, you won't get bored while exploring the area. You often have to fight back in such scenes via a quick-time event.

Thanks to shock moments, you won't get bored while exploring the area. You often have to fight back in such scenes via a quick-time event.

Source: PC games

Small stories and fates can be found everywhere, so it's worth looking around. Thanks to the full soundtrack in German, nobody is left behind who can't do anything with English speech. Well, the Russian fake accent of the speakers takes getting used to, but a lot of effort has been put into the synchronization. We also pay attention to detail in the design of the weapons: they are all post-apocalyptic, patched up and improved with various self-made attachments. Logically, not only are powerful guns, but cartridges also scarce in the metro. Military ammunition from before the war, for example, serves as a means of payment for survivors. Of course, you can also fire the cartridges for a damage bonus or in tricky situations, but then your purchasing power drops.

Multi-faceted devastation

Occasionally, action takes place in predetermined paths - here even literally, we are attacked on a lore.

Occasionally, action takes place in predetermined paths – here even literally, we are attacked on a lore.

Source: PC games

The gameplay in Metro is based on the dark story: Instead of mowing down mutants with a start and a rattling machine gun, the key to survival is the prudent approach. With many enemies, it is worth sneaking up on them carefully or bypassing them entirely. This saves ammunition and nerves! By unscrewing light bulbs and extinguishing candles, we increase our chances of moving forward unseen. In favor of the player, it is also noticeable that the intelligence of the human adversary is not always good, despite the revision of the programming for the Redux reissue. Enemies are sometimes too easily chased into fenugreek and occasionally turn their backs during a shootout. In other moments, however, they also perform competent maneuvers and poke us around from two sides. Overall, the AI ​​of the opponents is a mixed package.

The fact that we are not only fighting monsters and mutants is due to the chaotic conditions in the metro: without government, without laws, dodgy characters like bandits, but also groups with dangerous ideology, such as the fascist faction, in whose catches Artyom in Load, are bustling in the tunnels Light device. And despite the claustrophobic setting, the developers manage to provide variety in the locations. From time to time we are on the surface, exploring more extensive areas, crawling through narrow pipes or looking for our way through a disused underground train station. Secrets are hidden away from the main route: diary entries for valuable military ammunition, small Easter eggs, supplies, gas mask filters or simply practical weapons.

In both Redux games, we fight back not only bloodthirsty mutants, but also human enemies such as bandits or fascists.

In both Redux games, we fight back not only bloodthirsty mutants, but also human enemies such as bandits or fascists.

Source: PC games

The survival aspects in Metro are an excellent fit for the setting, but they are not beyond the limits of what is tolerable, for example, we do not have to sleep or drink regularly to stay fit. Instead of free saving, Metro relies on checkpoints, in Spartaner mode (behind the name hides the conventional, more action-oriented type of game) that works well and usually not too much progress is lost on death. If you are looking for more thrills, start the survival mode, in which reloading takes longer, for example, and ammunition is rarer. You have to plan certain moments of frustration and new attempts. For particularly daring natures, the highest difficulty level Ranger awaits in both modes, where among other things you have to do without various HUD elements. The ranger challenge was added in the original games, on the switch the level of difficulty is available from the start. In addition, all other DLC content that has been released for 2033 and Last Light is also included on the cartridge. Also on board: improved animations, particle effects and other small corrections.

Not for the delicate eyes of children

The Switch is not necessarily a mecca for shooter fans, but if you are even a little bit interested in the genre, there is no way around the Redux version of Metro – provided he or she is of age, because it fits the dark History is bloody in 2033 and Last Light. In addition to the stealth and action gameplay, the horror aspect should not be underestimated, because of the dense atmosphere and the eerie background noise, a lot of mood is created. The nervous costume of sensitive natures will certainly be affected by both games.

Even the corpses that we relieve of their belongings (they no longer need them) often tell tragic stories without words through their placement.

Even the corpses that we relieve of their belongings (they no longer need them) often tell tragic stories without words through their placement.

Source: PC games

Thanks to the focus on mood and the convincing game world, the age of the two games is hardly noticeable. There are also weaker parts in the adventure, including a few boss fights or confrontations where the game simply throws a group of enemies at us, but overall 2033 and Last Light have stood the test of time in the fast-paced world of video games – of course also thanks to the improvements of the Redux versions. You only want to buy one of the two games? Then we would advise the first part, if only because you then witness the start of Artjom's story. In the Switch version, however, both titles flow into each other much more than before, as the survival and Spartan modes now make it possible for all titles to simply focus on survival or action. The control and user interface are also identical. No matter which single game you choose, shooter fans will not regret it – but neither will buyers of the entire package.

My opinion

This implementation is completely appropriate to the quality of the series – wonderful!

I don't play a lot of shooters, but I love the Metro titles very much – yes, also the last part, which was not well received everywhere (and the switch is still withheld). I had and still have great pleasure in soaking up the impressions in me, and that it is not just about pure shooting, but there is also a lot of atmosphere, survival aspects and even creepy moments, which makes the adventures even more appealing to me. The Witcher 3 and Alien Isolation have already shown that implementations on the switch can really make a difference. Metro can't be ripped off either! This is a completely successful implementation. And then there is also all the content that came out as a DLC, there is Spartan and Survival mode in both games, many improvements in details – there are also small problems such as overloaded controls or loading times not difficult.

Grandiose atmosphere and interesting game world
Great mix of stealth, action and survival
Many detail improvements, all DLCs included
Excellent performance, always runs smoothly
Good, optional motion control
Overloaded control
A few moments of frustration
Loading times could be shorter

Magnificent porting of two intense, story-heavy post-apocalypse shooters

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