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Rockstar Games has been known since GTA 4 for the fact that new parts of the GTA games series are a bit of a wait. This motto has so far been more than successful, since the games of the developer studio are among the most successful and generate money long after the release, as is the case with the online mode of GTA 5. Nevertheless, the rumor mill has been around for a long time about a new branch of the series. The spokesman behind the main protagonist Michael De Santa from GTA 5 now had a few clear words about these conjectures.

It is clear that sooner or later there will be a new part of the Grand Theft Auto series. But even after more than six years the GTA 5 has already been published, there is still no information as to what a possible GTA 6 could look like. Ned Luke, the spokesman for Michael De Santa in Rockstar's open-world game, has been holed for years as a possible successor and recently commented on rumors about the future game via Instagram.

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Along with Shawn Fonteno, spokesman for in-game character Franklin, Luke recently streamed on Instagram, denouncing those who keep spreading new rumors about a possible GTA game. According to Luke's statements, this is just clickbait and only information from Rockstar Games itself should be believed.

The video is no longer available on Instagram, but Twitter user OhMrZack was able to capture it beforehand and uploaded it to Twitter.

In the stream, Luke is very harsh towards various people who spread such rumors. "These people have no information. It's just clickbait. If you hear it from Rockstar, you know it," he scolded in the video on Twitter.

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Those who are eagerly waiting for a new Grand Theft Auto will have to wait a long time. So far there is no sign that Rockstar Games will be using GTA 6 in the near future (buy now) will come up. Fortunately, the last part offers at least an almost never-ending gaming experience that makes waiting a little easier.

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