Sega and Microsoft announced yesterday that they have entered into a “strategic alliance”. In a press release, Japanese video game maker Sega stated that the agreement is part of the company’s “Super Game” initiative, which aims to create “new and innovative” games with a focus on global online communities.

Sega will Microsofts Azure Cloud

The reason for this merger is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. The Sonic developers want to explore ways to produce large-scale, global games in a next-generation development environment based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

“By considering a strategic partnership with Microsoft, we want to continue developing our games so that our titles can be enjoyed by fans around the world.”said Yukio Suino, President of Sega. “In this regard, we seek an alliance that leverages both the powerful game development capabilities of SEGA and the cutting-edge technology and development environment from Microsoft.”

For Sega it is important to keep up with the times in the gaming sector. The world is more connected than ever, and the gaming industry also needs more sophisticated tools and technologies to offer gamers around the world a wide range of gaming experiences.

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Does Sega now produce cloud games?

For Sega, the use of Azure is not just about offering games that can be played in a cloud. Azure offers a variety of software, platform and infrastructure services, so this cloud platform offers much more future potential. The cloud will be used for many aspects of game development, including artificial intelligence. Microsoft Executive Sarah Bond also commented on the future with Sega in the press release:

“SEGA plays an important role in the gaming industry and has been a great partner over the years. We look forward to working together to explore new ways to use Microsoft cloud technologies to create unique gaming experiences for the future. Together, we will be the and redefine the way games are developed, hosted and operated with the aim of creating more value for both players and SEGA. “

Sony also uses the Azure Cloud

Microsoft had already teamed up with Sony in 2019 because Sony wanted to arm itself against Google’s Stadia cloud offer. Amazon’s cloud services were also on the rise. The merger of the competitors behind Xbox and PlayStation therefore made sense, as Sony had less experience and resources in the cloud gaming sector at the time.

What do you think which innovative solutions for the gaming industry will result from the cooperation between Microsoft and Sega? Let us know in the comments!

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