In September 2020, Microsoft announced that it would buy Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion. However, this deal is not yet dry. The EU Cartel Office has yet to agree to this. The decision is expected to be made on March 5, 2021.

EU still has to agree

According to the media agency Reuters, Microsoft requested approval from the European Commission for the purchase on January 29th. The EU antitrust agency can now approve the deal on a preliminary basis or launch a full investigation should serious concerns arise. How the decision will be made is not yet clear. However, last year Microsoft assumed that the purchase could be carried out without any problems.

Until the purchase is completed, Bethesda is still working independently. Microsoft cannot intervene in company processes. Only after the purchase will Microsoft basically take over the helm and help make decisions. Including whether upcoming games such as Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6 will appear exclusively for Xbox Series X / S and PC. This is something that Playstation owners in particular are very interested in. Microsoft has not yet made a clear statement on whether future Bethesda games will also be released for Sony's console. At least one time exclusivity for Xbox and PC is very likely to eat.

Now it's time to wait until the European Commission decides on March 5th about Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda. If this is approved, a decision may be made in the coming months about game releases on Playstation. We may then soon know more about which platforms Starfield will be the next big Bethesda release for.

Source: Reuters

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