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Microsoft and developer Asobo have released the fifth episode of the "Feature Discovery Series" video series for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It is all about sound design. Aurélien Piters, Audio Director of Asobo, speaks in the video about the audio engine for the upcoming flight simulator and the effort involved in recording the aircraft sounds.

Flight Simulator 2020: how it continues

The developers of the Microsoft Flight Simulator (buy now for € 22.49) In 2020 they had recently published a blog entry in which they give a status report on the current state of development. So they tell the fans that the second wave of invitations to Tech-Alpha 1 is coming up soon. The invitations are expected to be sent in the week of January 13-17 Interested players who had registered for Tech-Alpha 1 – but were not selected during the first wave – should keep an eye on their email inbox.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Tech-Alpha 2 will be released soon

The developers also explain Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that they are currently in the final test phase for Tech-Alpha 2. They expect to have the next Tech Alpha 2 release candidate soon. At least a preliminary schedule is already in place. The first invitations are to be sent from January 20. All invitations should have been sent by January 27th. On the same day, the Tech-Alpha 2 should also be available for download, while the first emails about access to the build will also be sent. The developers want to have sent all access emails by January 31.

At the end of the developer update, the Mach also published a small info graphic in which the biggest problems from Tech-Alpha 1 are compiled. This shows that the testers had particular difficulties with the key assignment.

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