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The start of the closed beta for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is imminent. As the developers of Asobo Studios announce in a recent blog entry, they are currently making the final preparations for the release: The closed test phase for the new flight simulation is scheduled to begin on July 30. Insider program participants should keep an eye on their email inboxes: the developers have sent out new invitations. Anyone who has already received a code can test the preview build for the closed beta in advance. There is also a short teaser trailer for the new partnership with Vatism. Asobo has also released new community screenshots.

The start of the Closed beta for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. In a recent blog entry, the developers of Asobo Studios share a few more information snippets before the start. The team is currently in the final preparations to start the closed test phase on July 30th. Asobo Studio had previously announced that the closed beta is well on the way to being released in late July. The developers want to submit the patch notes with all details about the current build at the start of the test phase.

They also say that they have sent additional invitations to registered users of the Insider program. All players who receive an invitation by July 30th can test the preview build for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Closed Beta. Players who have already been invited to one of the alpha versions will automatically get access to the closed beta. It is not yet known whether there are other ways besides the invitations to take part in the test phase from July 30th. (buy now for 69.99 €)

As a little foretaste of the new flight simulation, the developers have published a new teaser trailer that presents the partnership with the international online flight network Vatism. There should be more information in the next few days. In addition, Asobo Studio has released new community screenshots from the Alpha. You can find a selection of the pictures in our gallery, further pictures are available from current blog entry ready. Of the Release of the final version takes place on August 18 for PC.

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