Buildings that are kilometers high, craters up to the center of the earth and buildings that stick to walls – the new Flight Simulator can be amazingly bizarre. But see for yourself!

Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 is beautiful. But the game can also be different. To ensure that you could visit your own home, the world became largely automatically generated from Bing maps. There are some bizarre blemishes that you should not miss. Buckle up and fold up the tables! This aircraft is about to (crash) land!

In Microsoft Flight Simulator a bizarrely eldritch, impossibly narrow skyscraper pierces the skies of Melbourne's North like a suburban Australian version of Half-Life 2′s Citadel, and I am -all for it-

– Alexander Muscat (@alexandermuscat) August 19, 2020

In Melbourne, Australia you can find a kilometer high skyscraper, which makes every employee of an aviation safety authority or a construction company sweat.

You spawn into Greenland and see this. What do you do? (It's 20,000 feet tall and 29,000 above sea level) from r / MicrosoftFlightSim

Against this proud land mass in Greenland, however, the skyscraper looks pathetic. 29,000 feet is about 8,830 meters – almost as high as Mount Everest.

The program is likely to have a similar bug at these lakes undermined. After all, you really deserve a lap in the cool water here on arrival.

Buckingham Palace in the new MS Flight Simulator looks quite postmodern from r / CasualUK

The British Queen could no longer pay the rent – you Buckingham Palace in London has given way to a boring office block.

Can't stop laughing at this flight simulator in DC.

– Dan-Hell🔥 Alberti (@DanielleAlberti) August 19, 2020

The Washington Monument in Washington DC, USA also had to give way to an office tower. Other monuments, statues and temples were also "renovated" in this way.

At the Monino airfield in Russia you can long wait for a flight. At least when it comes to Flight Simulator. Flying machines quickly became houses here.

In Nuuk, Greenland, the houses appear to be clinging to steep mountain walls. You should be there Plan your weekly shopping well …

By far my favorite Microsoft Flight Simulator quirk is that it doesn't know how to handle palm trees, so Southern California is full of these terrifying obelisks jutting forth from the pavement like so many teeth.

– Hayden Dingman (@haydencd) August 19, 2020

With these Monuments on the street hardly anyone comes up with the idea of ​​racing.

Flight simulator absolutely nailed TIAA bank field

– frank (@ 617via904) August 18, 2020

Nobody here wants to go get the ball.

What a nice vie- from r / MicrosoftFlightSim

This airfield should actually on a high mountain lie. Instead, things are going downhill – faster than you can shout "BUCKLE BUCKLE!"

Note: Should you experience a display error, you can watch the video by clicking on the heading of the white box.

AI: How many windmills should I place? Algorithm: YES. from r / MicrosoftFlightSim

Here was from the algorithm one or the other wind turbine in addition placed. For how many airports would the electricity be enough?

Note: Should you experience a display error, you can watch the video by clicking on the heading of the white box.

Photo of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo that I took 2 years ago vs MSFS2020 from r / MicrosoftFlightSim

If you really want to see this graphic spectacle with your own eyes, you have to hurry up. Some users are working on recreating the automatically generated buildings by hand so that Microsoft can integrate them into the game. The Queen could soon move out of her office tower …