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from André Left
The community of the streaming platform Twitch recently completed a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Together they not only ensured that the plane stayed in the air for an hour, but that it was also able to land undamaged.

For inexperienced players in particular, it can be a real challenge to bring an aircraft back to the ground safely in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now imagine that several players should accomplish such a feat at once and only with certain commands. It's hard to imagine at first, but the community of the streaming portal Twitch has taught us better.

It happened to one new edition of "Twitch Plays". At these events, all chat participants play a specific game together in a live stream. In most cases there are only a few concise commands available to trigger actions in the actual game. What can lead to utter chaos even with simple adventures, should actually be an impossibility with a much more complex flight simulator. But with the stream launched by game designer Rami Ismail, the community has shown how good teamwork works.

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Only those Twitch users who had a subscription to Rami Ismail's channel could give commands. Nevertheless, the fans acted happily unanimously. In a remarkable joint effort, they not only ensured that the plane was in Microsoft Flight Simulator (buy now € 68.23 ) stayed in the air for almost an hour, but also made a nearly problem-free landing. You can see all of this in the video that you can find below this message.

Source: Twitch

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