Microsoft is making changes to the name of the service

from Dominik Zwingmann
Microsoft has made changes to the Xbox Game Pass name. Instead of the term "Xbox" there will only be the logo. We do not yet know why those responsible made this decision. Both the Game Pass for Xbox One and for the PC are affected by this change. The new logos have already been shown on the Twitter accounts.

It looks like Microsoft has given its Xbox Game Pass a new name. However, there are not too many changes. Accordingly, Microsoft will in future only refer to the offer as a game pass. The name Xbox was thus deleted from the title. However, Xbox will continue to appear in the form of the official logo in front of the name. The changes were recently announced via Twitter.

It has not yet been announced why those responsible decided to make an adjustment. However, it's not the only change coming up for the Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks. In September the team will add Project xCloud to the offering. All subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate could then also stream selected games to their smartphones.

Just a few weeks ago, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that the Game Pass will initially only be available for Xbox and PC. Microsoft has great interest in offering its offer on as many platforms as possible, but the two competitors currently don't seem to want an Xbox experience on their console. At the beginning of 2019, rumors spread that the Game Pass for Nintendo Switch could be launched. To date, however, nothing has happened here. Current innovations for the Xbox Game Pass include Yakuza Kiwami 2 or Grounded. The August lineup for the Game Pass will soon be available.

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