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Microsoft's streaming platform Mixer simply cannot compete with the Twitch competition. That is why those responsible are now pulling the plug: Offers, streamers and viewers should switch to Facebook Gaming.

The Mixer streaming platform was actually a challenge to the top dog Twitch when it was launched. But the unequal wedge is now coming to an end: Mixer will cease operations on July 22 as an independent platform. The offers, streamers and their viewers will then switch to Facebook Gaming, the streaming service of the large social network. In an interview, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, explains that Mixer's reach is simply not enough for the company's goals. The number of monthly active users was too small compared to the big names.

What about mixer streamers like ninja?

In order to convince users of the mixer service, Microsoft had even contracted large streamers such as Ninja and Shroud on board: They only played via mixer, no longer via Twitch as before. But that was not enough – and now they can go back to Twitch. Microsoft has the option to switch to Facebook Gaming. Previous mixer partners will also receive partner status there, and they will also be authorized to use the Facebook level upgrade system if they have previously used Mixer monetization.

Cloud gaming as a big goal

The cooperation between Microsoft and Facebook is not absurd: the two companies are both involved in the xCloud project, which is intended to advance the cloud gaming area. In the best case scenario, viewers should be able to watch streamers and then simply start the game themselves using cloud gaming. The problem so far has been the lack of a Mixer user base. According to Spencer, chances are good that this will change with Facebook Gaming.

Source:, The Verge

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