The EU has approved Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda. The last hurdle has been overcome and Bethesda will soon be part of Microsoft. That will be officially announced next Wednesday, March 11th.

Will we soon learn more about the future of Bethesda at Microsoft?

The usually very well-informed games journalist Jeff Grubb lists the upcoming events on Twitter and mentions March 11th as a date for a live stream about Microsoft and Bethesda. "What's up with Xbox / Bethesda acquisition" says the tweet. That suggests we are learning more about the takeover. Is everything in the towel now? What exactly does the purchase mean for Microsoft and also for Bethesda? These questions should probably be answered – if there really is an event.

We may also hear about the upcoming Bethesda games. Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 are particularly exciting. While we should probably hear little or nothing about TES 6, Microsoft could reveal more about Starfield. It's Bethesda’s next big project, and it might even come out in 2021. We may get to see the first gameplay and a release date will be announced. For Playstation fans it should be interesting whether Starfield – and all future games from Bethesda – will still be released for the PS4 / PS5. Maybe we will learn more about it at the event. It is rather questionable whether Microsoft and Bethesda will reveal more about the recently announced Indiana Jones title. The release date is still too far away for that.

Let's see if and what Bethesda and Microsoft will announce on March 11th. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Source: Twitter

TES 6: Breathtaking – the mini teaser trailer from E3 2018



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