Microsoft is now making fun of the Sony PS5 via Twitter. The subject of the witty teasing is a critically discussed design feature of the next-gen console.

PlayStation 5

Sony announced very early on that they would purchase the Playstation 5 can operate both upright and horizontally. However, it was shown in the new teardown video that you have to slightly rebuild the console for this. The foot has to be mounted on the side from the base – a point of attack for the competitor Microsoft. The reason for this is the curved design of the PS5 – the console would be without a side stand likely to tilt.

This is what the inside of the PS5 looks like:

So that the PS5 stands securely, you have to remodel the stand

Our colleague Mandy from Spieletipps has already feared that the PS5 rocks when it's on its side. Fortunately, this fear was unfounded. Instead, you have to remove the stand and attach it to the side of the console. Hardware designer Yasuhiro Ootori demonstrates how this works from the time mark “-6:06 minutes” in the video.

You have to loosen a screw on the lower side and stow it in the base in a compartment provided for this purpose. There you will find a small cover with which you can close the now open hole at the bottom of the console. Then you put the base on the side of the Playstation 5 by hooking it into the housing. Your PS5 can now be placed safely in a horizontal position without tilting.

In the video it looks like as if this conversion was very easy and quick to implement. It is not yet known whether the console will come with a suitable screwdriver when it is delivered.

But that's not easy enough for Xbox's UK Twitter account. In a short post entitled "How to bring the Xbox Series X from the vertical to the horizontal" the company allows itself a little joke:

The post includes two series X images – one on which the console stands upright and one on which it lies on its side. So you can just put the console wherever you want. In the meantime, however, the tweet has been deleted. There is no official statement on this. The Internet community does not want to give up, however – they continue to joke about this weak point of the PS5.

Johannes Repp
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