from Andreas Bertits
According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, it will take about a year before we notice the effects of the corona crisis on the games market. However, he also believes that the studios know how to adapt.

Postponing games due to the Corona crisis is annoying, but also bearable. But what we have seen so far is not the highlight.

In one year we will see the correct effects of the crisis

Microsoft Phil Spencer said, "The games that come in summer and early fall? I feel comfortable with these titles. Games that are targeting a release in about a year or more? There will be an impact, but I think also that the developers can react to it. "

This greater impact on games that are slated to appear in a year is because of how game development works. Motion capturing, for example, cannot be performed at the moment. Recordings for sounds, speech and music are also not currently taking place. That has already happened with the games that appear in summer or autumn. However, these things would now apply to the titles that are to be released in the coming year.

Spencer also believes that there will still be a steady stream of new games. You will see an impact on the release dates of some games, but overall he believes the game industry will be doing well.

Source: VG247

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