Microsoft wants to bring streaming service to iOS via browser in 2021

from Dominik Zwingmann
The Microsoft team will launch xCloud for iOS and iPadOS in early 2021. Instead of an app, there is then a version via the browser. The company is thus circumventing the strict guidelines in the Apple App Store. Amazon also uses this method with the recently announced streaming service Luna. In addition, xCloud will also be offered for Windows 10 next year.

According to current reports, Microsoft would like to offer the streaming service xCloud for iOS as early as the beginning of 2021 – not as an app, but via the browser. In an internal meeting, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is said to have spoken about the positive progress made with Apple. He assured that xCloud will definitely land on iPhone and iPad. So far, Apple has not been very cooperative here.

Due to the strict guidelines, it was previously not possible for xCloud or Google Stadia to offer their own app for their respective offer in the App Store. Apple made some changes some time ago that would allow a launch – but only with restrictions. For example, developers would have to submit their xCloud games to Apple individually and have them checked. Now the Microsoft team would like to offer a version via the browser and thus circumvent Apple's guidelines. Amazon is also planning to do this with the streaming service Luna.

In addition, the makers should continue to work on an iOS app for xCloud. For a few weeks, xCloud has been part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This allows subscribers to play a variety of the titles directly on their Android device. In the same meeting, Phil Spencer is also said to have spoken about xCloud for Windows 10. Here, too, there should already be concrete plans. In the course of the coming year, xCloud will also be compatible with the PC. We'll keep you up to date.

Source: Business Insider

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