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With the new "Xbox Bounty Program", Xbox Live users can now receive up to $ 20,000 if they find a serious security breach on the network. There is also a $ 500 reward for smaller bugs. However, there is a payout only if the error was previously unknown and you can provide evidence of your discovery.

Microsoft officials have announced a new program that will allow players to receive up to $ 20,000 if they discover a serious bug on the Xbox Live network and report it properly and with evidence to the team. Withdrawals in the Xbox Bounty Program are always dependent on the severity of the vulnerability and start at $ 500.

If users discover a possibility that makes the Xbox Live network susceptible to so-called "IP spoofing", a reward of $ 5,000 could be received. This attack sends IP packets with a forged IP address of the sender. There is between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 if you discover a vulnerability that could allow remote code execution. Here, attackers can access devices remotely and execute various changes or programs. However, Microsoft will only pay out if the error can be found in the current version of Xbox Live and the team was not previously aware of it.

Full Details of the Xbox Bounty program and how to report your bug can be found on the Microsoft website. Incidentally, this is not the only program in the company where bug finders are rewarded. For example, if users discover a serious security vulnerability in the Azure cloud service, there is even a payout of up to $ 300,000.

Source: Microsoft

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