Might and Magic 10 Legacy fans had a tough time this year: On June 1, Ubisoft took down the game’s servers. This led to problems with copy protection, which meant that from one day to the next, players could no longer use the DLC, let alone play beyond Act 1.

While a risky but working workaround was unceremoniously worked out on Reddit, it didn’t take long until Ubisoft spoke up. You are aware of the problem, investigate the situation and take the game out of sale in the meantime. Not the dumbest idea: Offering a broken product is not considered good form in the industry.

Might and Magic 10 Legacy is back at the start

Now Ubisoft released on twitter An update on the situation: The last few months have been used to investigate the problem and try out various possible solutions. After all, you want to offer the players an experience that meets their own quality requirements. It looks like it was successful because the title is back in digital stores:

“We are happy to announce that all conditions have been met to bring the game back to the Ubisoft Store and Steam, and that new and returning players can once again explore the mysterious world of Ashan. In addition to the base game we took the opportunity to give all Might & Magic 10 Legacy fans the freedom to expand their adventures with The Falcon & The Unicorn DLC – completely free of charge. “

The fact that Ubisoft has actually taken on a seven-year-old game, has solved the problem it caused itself and is even now giving away the DLC is an action that hardly anyone had expected. It is always a good sign and so all players can finally wander through the vastness of Ashan again.

Those: Ubisoft Support on Twitter

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