What's on it is inside. And it's a lot more than a standalone add-on, but it's not a full-price game. In any case, the likeable spider man is back. How exactly now, reveals the current-gen test.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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What is Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

To address the elephant in the room: Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a stand-alone action adventure with an open game world. You don't need the two-year-old predecessor spiritually called Spider-Man, neither for understanding nor for technical playback. Although the playful framework is based on that of 2018, the PlayStation-exclusive offshoot still has one own story, one new superhero with new skills and one changed scene.

At the same time, the game by Insomniac Games is not a fully comprehensive second part. Because the Playing time is only about ten hours, the predecessor was 20 to 25. But if your “open world” collecting mania is particularly big, the playing time is extended by about five hours.

And who is Miles Morales?

Anyone who played the predecessor knows Miles Morales from it – but not as a superhero. And Peter Parker is always behind Spider-Man, isn't he? It stays that way, but Miles comes along. A bit like with Batman and Robin. At least at the beginning.

But shortly afterwards you are as Miles is Peter Parker's vacation replacement and single-handedly ensures law and order in New York. By the way: The character Miles Gonzalo Morales has a Puerto Rican background and was created in 2011 by Brian Michael Bendis in an alternative Marvel universe. Pleasing: Within a very short time Miles is just as exciting a Spider-Man for you as the original. You don't miss Peter Parker.

Test conclusion with strengths and weaknesses

These are the strengths of Spider-Man: Miles Morales

  • Any movement goes smoothly by hand
  • Snowy New York creates atmosphere
  • Still visually very impressive
  • Lots of Spidey moves, suits and gadgets
  • PS4 version includes free PS5 upgrade

These are the weaknesses of Spider-Man: Miles Morales

  • Clichéd story
  • Repetitive mission design
  • Map overloaded in places in front of icons
  • Constant calls / radio messages / public address before, during and after missions
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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales – (PlayStation 4)

Independent story with clichés

Before you choose one of the four levels of difficulty decide, you can look at a summary of the events from the previous one.

Miles loses his cop father in a bomb attack on City Hall. Then Peter Parker and his aunt May are there for Miles. The latter even knows Peter's secret and, as luck would have it, Miles catches a spider bite that gives him superhuman abilities. Regarding the plot and the "victim" Miles the bite seems just forced and compulsory.

It quickly becomes clear that the approaching New York City's disaster multiple parties involved. And clichéd. There is the seedy energy tech company Roxxon with its head Simon Krieger, who has developed a new form of energy called “Nuform” that can not only be used for the actual purpose. The proves to be a bitter opponent Grouping "The Underground" with a female leader. Between these fronts you act as Miles, whose mother wants to become a councilor on the fringes. So that's pretty much going on.

Long distances are fun

As in the previous one, the map shows you your next main mission in Manhattan – everything takes place on this island of New York. For your next mission, you swing elegantly on your cobwebs from skyscraper to skyscraper. You can do this very quickly and you can run up entire house facades or, if you wish, install different tricks in the air. Even if that Swinging around never gets boring, due to the precise control and the steadily blossoming satisfaction, you can later do one Fast travel function via subway use.

Right at the beginning, the missions go one after the other: from riding the villain Rhino through a shopping center to a chase with a helicopter to infiltrating an enemy base.

Two courses of action against bad guys

Due to the above-average density of opponents Loud and quiet approaches each have their pitfalls. If you compete against 15 opponents at the same time, this is depending on the level of difficulty due to the sheer mass and the different types of opponents really challenging. Thanks to your numerous abilities, you can use your spider threads to disarm, dodge or throw opponents into the air. This serves to increase the fun of the game. Against this is camera often the opposite of helpful in battles. In the hectic pace of the battle, they and with them you often lose track.

Those who want to proceed more tactically and cautiously move unseen on the wall, ceiling, on steel girders or lamps. You can see the enemy from above secretly switch them off one after the other with a takedown. Simply wrapped in a spider web and hung under the ceiling. Finished. Works great and feels superior, but takes significantly longer compared to the "knock on it" method. A mission took such an hour straight.

In the long run monotonous mission sequence

Even if it all sounds like a lot of variety: In the long run and in the core the mission structure repeats itself. Again and again it goes crawling through ventilation shafts to the next room filled with enemies. Again and again you have to switch generators on or off. Again and again you play tasks that you have already played umpteen times elsewhere. An example? In one mission, an ally hacks a security door. In the meantime, you have to take out one enemy at a time. That is also the biggest criticism of the game: the repetitive mission sequences as soon as opponents are in play. And they are part of almost every mission.

What's completely new is yours Venom power. This charges up in combat and you can then deliver powerful, bio-electric punches. Their use offers itself in the boss fights that are repeatedly interspersed.

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However, if you want to go undetected, the ability is simplified compared to its predecessor invisibility Interesting. At the push of a button, you are suddenly invisible to almost any type of enemy in any situation. You stay that way even after you've been discovered. You can improve both skills and your normal combat maneuvers in the skill tree with skill points acquired in missions and learn new moves. In addition, you can also complete hologram training sessions distributed by Peter Parker in New York and improve your fighting or net swinging skills.

Practical Spidey app

Side missions and criminal activities shows you the newly added smartphone app at. If you master these challenges, you will receive tech points and activity points with which you can unlock new suits or upgradeable gadgets. The suits look chic and offer you through Modifications advantages in combatif, for example, they let you endure more damage. And compared to its predecessor new gadgets make life easier for you against bad guys too. You can simply set two "Spider-Man" holograms at your opponents and let them defeat them.

The ones that occur again and again and playful change to normal miles are a successful change from being a superhero. Sometimes you are at a small street festival, sometimes you spend Christmas Eve with your family.


In the run-up, I often asked myself what Spider-Man: Miles Morales exactly is. After playing, I can say: all in all, first of all a short, entertaining one Open world superhero action adventure.

It just makes a lot of fun to swing from high-rise to high-rise at a dizzying height. Or enjoy the view from the aerial of the Empire State Building over the now snowy New York. The detailed graphic and atmospheric framework its predecessor has lost nothing two years later. It is still impressive, now also with snowy landscapes.

The Innovations like the Venom power, the revised stealth mechanics and the new gadgets and suits as well as the side missions app are useful, helpful and entertaining.

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However, they have me in places confusing camera and the repetitive mission sequences very disturbed. Depending on the mission, in a few moments I was even happy that the game would end faster than its predecessor. Because despite the shorter playing time, the predecessor simply had more aha and oha moments. Nevertheless: For old, new or even no "Spider-Man" fans this game is more than interesting because there is so much to do – in a city that never sleeps.

8.3/ 10

"Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a short, entertaining superhero game in an open game world with repetitive mission sequences, but sensible detail improvements compared to its predecessor."