The creators of the shooter World War 3, traded as a Battlefield alternative, have withdrawn for a long creative break. Now they are back with a completely overhauled game and shine with numerous improvements. In a new trailer they also announce a major alpha test, in which players from the very beginning are allowed to gamble into the improved military shooter in advance.

World War 3

Battlefield alternative fights back

The developers of the shooter compared to Battlefield had to face a bumpy start into Early Access World War 3 properly listen to criticism of their game. But instead of throwing the gun in the grain, the makers took the feedback to heart and diligently worked on their military shooter.

Now the developers of The Farm 51 are finally ready to give the first players access to the refurbished game. To do this, they invite early access buyers from September 30th at 12pm to October 4th at 12pm invite you to take part in a major alpha test.

With a brand new trailer make the upcoming World War 3 event palatable to shooter veterans:

World War 3: This is what awaits you in the alpha test

If you are one of the players who already purchased World War 3 in Early Access, you can go to the following content in the improved version be happy:

  • Play in two modes on four different maps: Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw and Polyarny
  • Experience a selection of the customization options for weapons and uniforms as well as the practical backpack function
  • Improved gunplay and animations compared to the previous version

If you are not one of the chosen owners of the Early Access version, you can go to September 29th at 7pm in a livestream on the Developers’ YouTube channel drop by. There they also present the progress and changes in the military shooter.

The Farm 51 has not yet announced when the improved version will be available to all players. As soon as the time comes, you will Play game for free to be allowed to. What the monetization of World War 3 will look like in the future is also not yet known.

From September 30th, the refurbished version of World War 3 will finally start a major alpha test. There, early access buyers can get an exclusive insight into the shooter, which is traded as a Battlefield alternative.