The current pandemic is causing delays worldwide. This also affects the gaming industry, which means that one or the other release date has to be postponed. Based on the current situation, Mojang has now announced when Minecraft Dungeons is expected to appear.

Minecraft Dungeons is an isometric dungeon crawler who does without the famous crafting and building of Minecraft and instead want to create fun through randomly generated dungeons full of monsters, traps, puzzles and more. Mojang originally planned to release the game in April, but the company can no longer meet this deadline.

"We work from home"

Mojang employees also currently have to work from home, which of course makes working on the game more difficult. Mid March 2020 the employees hoped, you could make the desired April date possible:

“Unfortunately, because we work from home to do our part to protect the community, our workflow is affected. We're working hard to deliver Minecraft dungeons in April, but we're also keeping an eye on our schedule to make sure we can offer you the best possible game. ”

Obviously the April date cannot be met, but fans don't have to be patient for too long. Minecraft dungeons are expected to on March 26th appear. We'll keep you up to date.