Minecraft Earth is an AR spinoff à la Pokémon Go, which brings the world of Minecraft into reality through the smartphone. The current global situation makes it almost impossible for Minecraft Earth to fulfill its premise, which is why the game is now being discontinued.

"Minecraft Earth was designed around free movement and collaborative play. Two things that the current global situation has made almost impossible."

The team would rather invest its resources in other areas that offer value to the Minecraft community and are therefore discontinuing Minecraft Earth on June 30, 2021. After that date, you will no longer be able to download or play the game. The items of the Character Creator will be usable in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft and leftover premium currency from Minecraft Earth will be converted into Minecoins, which can be exchanged for skins, texture packs, cards and even mini-games in the Minecraft Marketplace. Players who have ever made a purchase in Minecraft Earth will receive the Bedrock version of Minecraft for free.

Minecraft Earth: AR game announcement trailer for mobile

However, before the title finally disappears, the developers released one last update for the game. This should make the remaining time in Minecraft Earth "as fun as possible". Real money transactions have been removed, ruby ​​prices for in-game content and the time it takes to craft and melt have been reduced, and craft and melt boosts have been replaced with radius boosts of the same level. In addition, between January 5th and June 30th, players will receive a set of items for the Character Creator. This final update also includes all previously unreleased content that should have come over time.

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Minecraft Live: Event with novelties takes place in October

The date for Minecraft Live has been set. On October 3, 2020, Mojang will provide all fans with news and surprises about the game. Minecraft Earth has now also started in Germany.

Minecraft Earth now also started in Germany

The early access phase of the augmented reality game Minecraft Earth has now also started in Germany. Minecraft Earth's early access phase has been expanded.

Minecraft Earth: Extended early access phase of the mobile game

Mojang recently extended the early access phase of the mobile game Minecraft Earth again.