After Microsoft recently announced the specifications for the upcoming Xbox Series X, a small presentation of the possibilities of the console follows – through a technology demonstration in Minecraft.

Looking to the next generation of consoles, Microsoft offers something new for Xbox Series X that fans can look forward to. In order to show the console in action and to emphasize a feature, the company decided on the sandbox game Minecraft.

If you think of modern graphics, you can hardly avoid ray tracing. But how does it work? And do you see a difference?

Minecraft can be so beautiful without mods

The published video shows an analysis of the processes involved in creating the more realistic lighting effect and the result was a presentation that will probably make the fan's heart beat faster. The Xbox Series X seems to be up to the task and exhaust the possibilities that are available in console games.

If you're still struggling with your decision about which console to buy, our comparison of specifications might help you.

After Microsoft named a Thanksgiving 2020 release window (November 26, 2020), which was canceled, however, no exact release date is known yet. We'll keep you up to date. What do you say about the presentation?