Good news for Sonic fans: After the latest releases from the Sonic universe – apart from Sonic Mania – were received rather negatively by gamers, one of the best Sonic titles in a long time could now await us. For the 30th birthday of the blue hedgehog, Mojang released an update for Minecraft, through which Sonic can now be played in the sandbox.

This isn’t Minecraft’s first crossover (buy now 21,90 € ), but probably the most ambitious as the Sonic range holds a very special place in the hearts of fans. Mojang was trying to create a proper Sonic The Hedgehog game in Minecraft here.

You have probably managed to develop a system that generates Sonic levels at random. Since both the Sonic titles and Minecraft are based to a certain extent on “running forward”, everything fits perfectly here too.

All the typical elements of a Sonic title are also included. There are speed boosts, power ups, springs, enemies to jump on, multiple biomes, and of course the rings. Everything is presented in the typical blocky look – whether a “blocky ring” is an oxymoron is an open question – what works sometimes better and sometimes worse. The artists have obviously made an effort to bring Sonic and his friends into the world of Minecraft, but they still look a little strange.

In addition to the randomly generated maps, the new update also brings an item for the character creator, which all players can pick up for free in the Minecraft marketplace. A Sonic event has also started on The Hive server, with mini-games and festive activities

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