Mixer makes tight – Ninja and Shroud have to decide now

Microsoft has announced that the streaming platform will shut down mixers. The group will now work with Facebook Gaming. Streamers like Ninja and Shroud now have to decide which platform they want to continue on.

The mixer era has come to an end, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview with The Verge. At the same time, he reveals why they made this decision. According to him, it is less about the return on salesbut rather "to enter into a partnership that is the best for the community and the streamers." In addition, Facebook would be a promising place "to publish more xCloud content and give players the opportunity to play from there."

“We started pretty far back when it came to comparing Mixer's monthly active viewers to some of the big players out there. I think the blender community will really benefit from the wide audience that Facebook has through its features and the ability to reach players in a very seamless way through the Facebook social platform, ”said Spencer.

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What does that mean for partner streamers like Ninja and Shroud?

You now have to think about which platform suits you best. "Ninja, Shroud and other top streamers are now free to return to Twitch or to stream on Facebook Gaming," said Spencer.

Both streamers only switched from Twitch to mixer last year and left a lot behind at Twitch. Your accounts are offline, but still exist. So it would be perfectly possible to return to your old nest and welcome old Twitch fans back into your community. However, they are not yet sure how and where to go from here:

"I love my community and what we built on mixers together. I have some decisions to make and will think of all of you when I make my decisions."

"I appreciate the mixer community and everything I could do on the platform. I love you and think about my next steps."

What do you think of the fact that Mixer is tight and works with Facebook Gaming? Where do you prefer to watch your streams or maybe you stream yourself. If so, where? Let us know in the comments.