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Amazon has announced the release period of the MMORPG New World. The game has changed a lot since the Alpha. The focus on PvP has been reduced. PvE fans can also have fun.

In May 2020, Amazon Game Studios released the MMORPG New World, Anyone who played the Alpha this year should be surprised because a lot has happened in the game.

PvP is no longer the focus

The New World Alpha (buy now for 11.59 €) showed a sandbox MMORPG with open PvP. So it was possible to attack other players at any time and in return you could also be attacked at any time. However, this game principle led to criticism in the Alpha. Therefore, you can now decide in your home game whether you want to participate in PvP or not.

New World isn't a story-driven PvE MMORPG now, but there are quests you can do and the story unfolds gradually over books and documents that you can find in the game. So you will learn more about the mysterious island of Aeternum and why undead live there.

The sieges known from the Alpha continue to play an important role. However, sieges with NPCs are now taking place. So you don't have to participate in PvP to experience this feature.

So if you want, in the upcoming MMORPG New World you can fully concentrate on PvE, exploring the island and lore the game world without ever having to fight a teammate.

Source: PCGamer

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