MMORPG will shorten its story with the next update

from Andreas Bertits
With Update 5.3, the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 steams down its story to offer a denser and more exciting gaming experience. Part is completely removed, other quests shortened.

The MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 has a very exciting story. However, experiencing this is not easy for newcomers, because especially the part of the main game is far too grind-heavy and sprawling. It just takes too long to reach the exciting positions that motivate you to continue playing. So the developers decided to compress the story.

A more compact entry

With Update 5.3, the developers removed around 13% of the story from the main game "A Realm Reborn" and also shortened a few more quests to remove the grind and allow players to progress faster. There is also an experience point boost. These measures are intended to bring the beginning of the story closer to the denser and more exciting narrative structure of the successful add-ons and, above all, to give newcomers a more motivating start. You also get more and better equipment right from the start, which brings additional success.

You also get the opportunity to use flight mounts very early. The development team even provides some of the areas in Final Fantasy 14 (buy now) around. All of this should make the MMORPG better. Update 5.3 will be released in mid-July according to current plans. The corona pandemic has caused delays.

Source: GamesRadar

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