The next season will start in Destiny 2 in May 2021. The name of the new phase of your Guardian's life is not yet known, so we will stick with the term Season 14 for the time being Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn explained. On the one hand, the devaluation of weapons and armor, known by the players as sunsetting, will end from one season to the next. On the other hand, there are adjustments to the Powercap – this is currently increasing in steps of 50 with each season, and will then only happen in steps of 10 with season 14.

What is Sunsetting?

Sunsetting describes the gradual devaluation of power items over the course of a Destiny 2 expansion. Weapons and armor can only be infused up to a seasonal limit. Depending on when an item was introduced into the game, at some point it no longer "grows" with the Powercap, but remains weak. A weapon from Destiny 2 year 1, for example, has an upper limit of 1,060 power – but the current power cap in the Season of the Chosen is 1,310. In other words: If you want to continue using this weapon, you will be weaker than other players in activities with a power level requirement or a power level advantage.

The sun setting was brought into play with season 11 and of course offers clear advantages: Little by little, old items from the player economy rotate and can be replaced by new ones. Bungie's developers have also helped these infusion limits to better balance the game. The disadvantage, however, is that players get the impression that their items (also called rewards) have no value.

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen Season 13 Trailer

Blackburn also states: "Although we still believe in these goals, it has become clear that our execution has failed. (…) We have made the decision that any weapon or armor that is currently up to maximum power can be infused, can continue to reach maximum power permanently. From season 14, we will no longer limit infusion of weapons or armor that have not yet reached their limit at the start of season 13. This means that you have your "trust." ", your" Falling Guillotine "and all the armor with high stats that you have earned this year can be taken into the raid in" The Witch Queen "." It's a shame, of course: An Origin story from year 1 is still lying around uselessly in the vault. But this way you have some of the weapons and items that you like for longer – and that's also what makes Destiny 2 fun (buy now € 8.94 ) out.

However, expect that there will be some extensive balancing adjustments, including to Felwinter's lie and war spirit cells. Until the next expansion The Witch Queen appears in spring 2022, the Destiny designers want to take at least the time to find an appropriate and logical system for the player economy.

The new power cap

Also with season 14, Destiny 2 comes with a new power cap tier, i.e. a new limit on the maximum power that you can achieve per season. Power, as mentioned above, in most Destiny 2 game content, determines how powerful you are and how much damage you deal and take. The powercaps are currently being increased by 50 points per season, but the feel of the game is less great when taking such big steps, as Blackburn notes. That's why the power limit will only be increased by 10 points from season 14. "That means if you get your maximum power in season 13, you'll be right in the top 10 of the power hunt when the next season comes." This should make it easier to get started with Destiny 2 and the loss of power from one season to the next is no longer so serious.

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