IKEA goes gaming! The Swedish furniture store is actually known for its inexpensive furniture – and that's why it is especially popular with bargain hunters. Now one seems to want to expand the target group.


Update from January 29, 2021: After the company officially announced its collaboration with Asus in autumn last year, the first fruits of the cooperation were presented. IKEA has developed over 30 new products together with Asus, including gaming tables, chairs and accessories. The new gaming collection will be called UPPSPEL and will be supplemented by other products from the HUVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, LÅNESPELARE and GRUPPSPEL collections.

The first pictures of the new products were also shown in the blog entry. This is what the new gaming collection from IKEA and Asus will look like:

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Furniture for gamers: IKEA and Asus work together

Especially young professionals, students and young families can often be seen strolling through the aisles of IKEA. No matter if beds, desks, chairs, decorations, beds, sofas, hot dogs, tea lights or just pencils – it is actually almost impossible to get to the checkout with an empty shopping cart.

But the furniture store has so far addressed one target group less: gamers. But that's about to change, like IKEA in one official blog post announces. Together with Asus ‘gaming division ROG, they want to work on a collection in the future that is primarily aimed at gamers. The range of products should not only include furnishings, but also accessories. A thoroughly profitable business for both sides: after all, more than 2.5 billion people now play video games. The potential clientele is definitely big enough.

When is IKEA's gaming furniture coming?

Last year there was already a cooperation between IKEA and UNYQ, in which they worked on keycaps for keyboards, cable holders for mice and a gaming wristband – now they seem to want to expand the range with Asus. When developing gaming furniture, great importance is attached to ergonomics. The series consists of 30 products that will go on sale in China as early as February 2021 – a kind of pilot project.

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If the experiment is crowned with success, the gaming furniture will also find its way to other furniture stores, including Germany, in autumn 2021. IKEA also assures that the products are not a limited edition, but that all items in the IKEA range will be offered for a long time.