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Some WoW fans who had access to the WoW: Shadowlands beta noticed using ridicule skills … let's call it "specifics" that have not been documented anywhere. Blizzard finally confirmed that this was supposed to be a bug. A hotfix has apparently already been played on the beta server.

Some tanks were in the WoW Beta: Shadowlands amazed that their ridicule ability didn't work the way they were used to in Battle for Azeroth. Specifically, they found that the taunt spell did not apply the associated three-second debuff to the target. The result:

  • The tanks could no longer rely on the targeted target actually giving them full attention for at least three seconds, and there was no longer any bonus threat during this period.
  • The bottom line was that the ridicule provided significantly less threat. This had a particularly negative effect on targets that were not within the melee range of the tank.
  • Tank changes were made more difficult, since the bonus threat usually ensures that the mocked target does not directly turn back to the "old" tank.

Friday night followed Confirmation from Community Manager Kaivax: Yes, this is a bug. A hotfix is ​​already in the works. The post itself hasn't been updated yet, but it gave up Wowhead Already the update that the corresponding hotfix went online in beta and mockery would now work correctly again.

How satisfied are you currently with the tank and threat mechanics in WoW (buy now)? Would you like adjustments? Should threats play a bigger role – as in Classic, for example? Let us know in the comments!

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