Modder builds Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario 64 engine

of Johannes Gehrling
The modding scene always produces beautiful projects. One of them: Super Mario Sunshine in the engine of Super Mario 64. That means: The Gamecube Mario in the look of the Nintendo 64 Mario. In the video you can see the mod in action, there are also links for download. You can try out the mini hack yourself – as always with mods, of course, at your own risk.

Have you always wondered what Super Mario Sunshine would have looked like if the Nintendo bouncing game had not been released for the Gamecube, which at that time was equipped with hardware that was powerful at the time, but instead for the home console predecessor Nintendo 64? Well, your guesswork has finally come to an end, because this idea is now a reality, thanks to a mod called "Super Mario Sunshine 64" by a modder called Kaze Emanuar.

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The recently released a trailer that gives a good impression of the mod and shows different parts of the game world. Among other things, you can see: The location from the start of the game (Pista Delfino), the upper world (Piazza Delfino), the first world (Monte Blanco) and some sub-locations such as building interiors and bouncing passages without dirt path 08/17. However, the mod does not currently cover the entire game. Kaze Emanuar reveals that the joint project did not go as planned.

Download and try the mod

If you feel like trying out "Super Mario Sunshine 64" yourself, you can do so at your own risk: In the video description you can find download links on YouTube and all the software you need. Of course, the mod only works on a PC, but neither on the Nintendo 64 nor on the Gamecube. On the Kaze Emanuar YouTube channel you can also find a longer video in which the modder explains in detail the development and functioning of the hack.

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