Modder vastly improves the look of the game

The two Dark Souls parts have developed into one of the most recognized and popular role-playing games in recent years. In itself, the Japanese developer From Software also did a great job graphically, but a modder shows that it can be done even better.

Image source: From Software

We often owe it to modders that popular and graphically seemingly flawless games get a finishing touch and therefore a lot more lively and real Act. With the help of Flames of Old, a graphic mod for Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Modder Stayd did just that and breathed a little more life into the role-playing game.

He is not afraid of light conditions or fundamental changes to the map back and proudly presents his results on his Twitter account, However, these are only pictures. Not that that's bad, but watching someone edit and maybe learning something yourself is much nicer. This also makes Stayd possible and streams his sessions every now and then Twitch,

This is how modders let games shine in a completely new light:

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This is how the community reacts

If you compare the before and after pictures with each other, sometimes only small changes are visible, but they are make a difference, The community also sees it this way:

"Finally, a comparison, this time Shaded Woods. It took quite a while to just make this one place presentable, as this area is one of the roughest in the game.
Of particular note is the addition of more ruins, foliage, and a gap in the trees that frame the shrine of winter."


"Best Souls 2 finally gets some love"

"Wow, that breathes new life into the game"

He announced that he would edit the whole game and then the final mod if necessary free on NexusMods. We will keep you up to date.

How are you all doing? Did you play both parts? How did you like the graphics so far and what do you think of the Stayd mod?