Since Activision is anything but pleased with the leaks of the supposed Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare, they are now trying to find out who is responsible for the leaks through legal means.

With the update to Season 2 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, some pointers to a new game mode came into play. These include a menu item in the main menu that is blocked for everyone and an interesting scene in the Season 2 trailer.

With this clue, some players looked a little closer and found a lot of information about the potential Battle Royale mode. These were then disseminated diligently via Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. In one Reddit mega thread all these details were collected. Images and videos on all platforms have been removed by Activision's copyright infringement.

It is common practice for publishers to act against "leaked videos and images" with "copyright strikes". But Activision goes one step further and now requires Reddit to disclose a particular user's personal information, The Redditor with the name Assyrian2410 has posted in a thread a picture of some soldiers on a crashed helicopter and the text "Call of Duty: Warzone". This picture is said to have given the name of the Battle Royale mode. The Assyrian2410 account has since been deleted.

Like the page TorrentFreak now reports Activision demands to release Assyrian2410's data through a punitive legal order (called Subpoena) from Reddit, Probably to then take further legal action against the person behind the account. Since Assyrian2410 later admitted to having the image of an inside source, the question is whether Activision is more interested in this internal source than the Reddit user.

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Last year, Jehovah's Witnesses' central facility, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, already did tries in the same way to get the personal data of a Reddit user, so the Gizmodo website, A court ruled on the grounds of the United States' first amendment to the constitution that Reddit, as an American website, can guarantee its users anonymous freedom of expression.

It remains to be seen whether this decision will work in this case too.

What do you think of the legal action against the Leaker? Activision's right or do they go too far? Write your opinion in the comments.