Modern Warfare bug can lead to loss of multiplayer progress – so you can prevent it

In addition to new weapons, challenges and many balance improvements, the current update also brought a very problematic bug into play.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got a big patch on January 22nd (PC: 48 GB, Xbox One: 18.4 GB, PS4: 13.2 GB) on the one hand on the occasion of the extension of the first season, on the other hand the usual nerfs and buffs were released to better balance the game.

Unfortunately, a bug also found its way into the game, prompting the player to reset their own rank and unlocks in order to continue playing. The bug looks like this in the game:

However, Infinity Ward warns against choosing one of the options and recommends ending the game on the respective device by, for example, a reset, since both options can lead to the loss of some data.

“We are currently investigating an issue where players receive an error message informing them that their data is corrupt or has not been downloaded correctly. Please do not select any of the options, but force the application to close. Thanks for your patience as we work on the problem. "

Players who reach this warning too late can via Twitter contact Community Manager Ashton Williams with her Activision ID.

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If you still encounter this mistake, you now know what to do. Otherwise, you can now strive to unlock the crossbow, because let's face it, not to be humiliated a top-equipped modern soldier, that is, to be defeated with a weapon from the Middle Ages.