A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player appears to have found a new type of ammunition. His opponent's fatal hit caused a strange bug on his monitor.

A duel between two snipers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ends with a strange but extremely funny bug. After the two snipers exchanged a few shots, the creator of the Reddit post was hit.

The impact of the bullet not only ended the player's life, but also did not seem to benefit the monitor. The picture looked as if he or the graphics card had broken.

Some players jokingly suspect that other players have Hackers ammunition used. But more serious comments tend to come from a bug that has been observed more often, that of zooming with sniper rifles Frame drops leads. Others are more likely to think so is due to the graphics engineWho sometimes fails to render the zoomed area and blurry background in parallel, exhibiting the anti-aliasing option should help.

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Presumably, these bugs just happened to coincide with the impact of the shot and gave us this funny clip. After all, a bug that cannot be used to advantage by players – unless the picture stays that way.